You SHOULD Eat Garlic at LEAST 1x Per Day

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You Need To Eat Garlic clove a minimum of 1x Each Day – Thomas DeLauer

Garlic clove Can Improve Physical Performance

There can be something for this ancient wisdom…

Ancient Egyptians gave garlic clove for their slaves to construct the pyramids.

Ancient Olympians required garlic clove supplements to assist them to compete.

Garlic clove Womack C et al. Journal from the Worldwide Society of Sports Diet, 2015. Within this double-blind, placebo controlled, crossover study of 18 youthful men, 900 mg of garlic clove considerably improved VO2max by 2.7% when participants were made to operate on a treadmill. https://world wide

Garlic clove is Antimicrobial

Alias “Russian penicillin”

During World war 2 the Russian government issued garlic clove to the military troops when penicillin was running low to avoid them from getting sick. Since that time, the antimicrobial qualities of garlic clove happen to be very extensively recorded.

Also, Louis Pasteur, the person who developed the germ-theory of infectious disease, themself observed that, “garlic kills bacteria.”

Ankri S et al. Microbes and Infection, 2001. Garlic clove is known for its antimicrobioal qualities. It’s “antibacterial activity against an array of Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria, including (i) multidrug-resistant enterotoxicogenic strains of Escherichia coli ii) antifungal activity, particularly against Candidiasis iii) antiparasitic activity, including some major human intestinal protozoan parasites for example Entamoeba histolytica and Giardia lamblia and iv) antiviral activity.” https://world wide

Because of this, many people even recommend garlic clove being an acne remedy. They just opened up a clove and rub it on their own skin. I can’t confirm or deny whether this works, but people get it done.

Garlic clove Lowers Cardiovascular Disease Risk

Varshney R et al. Journal of Diet, 2016. This meta-analysis of double-blind, randomized, controlled trials as well as meta-analyses of double-blind, randomized, controlled trials (actually, a meta-analysis of meta-analysis!) figured that garlic clove reduces bloodstream pressure, cholesterol, coronary calcium scores, CRP inflammation scores, and overall cardiovascular disease risk. https://world wide

Garlic clove Prevents Cancer!

The Nation’s Cancer Institute itself recognizes the anti-cancer qualities of garlic clove! There are numerous ways garlic clove might be anti-cancer causing, but I wish to highlight two.

Garlic clove protects from the formation of cancer causing nitrosamines, that are present through the diet but particularly full of processed meats. So, if you are likely to have your supermarket cold cuts, a minimum of hit all of them with some garlic clove!

** Garlic clove contains an enzyme known as alliinase making a substance known as allicin, that has many anti-cancer qualities, possibly the best if which is it makes cancer cells commit cell suicide (apoptosis).

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