Which Fast Food Chain Has the Best Quality Meat (and which to AVOID)?

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https://world wide web.consumerreports.org/overuse-of-antibiotics/most-fast-food-chains-still-serve-beef-elevated-with-antibiotics/

Do you know the Policies?

Junk food restaurants have a diverse range of policies regarding antibiotic use – the 4 Antibiotic Use coverage is:

No Antibiotic Use Policy

No Medically Important Antibiotics

Therapeutic Antibiotic Only Use

No Antibiotics Ever

Top 2


Chipotle serves chicken and beef elevated with “no antibiotics ever” – by Feb 2020, 1 / 2 of the pork offered by Chipotle is elevated with “no antibiotics ever” and yet another half is elevated without medically important antibiotics.


Panera serves chicken, pork and poultry elevated with “no antibiotics ever” – furthermore, Panera serves grass given beef that’s only given antibiotics if the animal is sick.



Burgerfi serves chicken and beef elevated with “no antibiotics ever.” However, Burgerfi doesn’t have an antibiotics insurance policy for pork.


Chick-fil-A serves chicken elevated with “no antibiotics ever.” However, Chick-fil-A doesn’t have an antibiotics insurance policy for pork.

So, you can have a meal at Chick-fil-A… just skip the bacon.


Subway serves chicken elevated with “no antibiotics ever” and poultry elevated without medically important antibiotics.

Dunkin’ Donuts

Dunkin’ Donuts serves chicken elevated with “no antibiotics ever”.

Reference to Wendy’s:

The Report gave Wendy’s the “Biggest Wanna-Be Award” – discover the shocking truth to discover why…

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Useful Sources & References:

https://world wide web.consumerreports.org/overuse-of-antibiotics/most-fast-food-chains-still-serve-beef-elevated-with-antibiotics/

Which Restaurants Serve Antibiotic Free Meat?



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