Vitamin C and Fasting: Use Caution During Your Fast

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Don’t Take Ascorbic Acid Throughout a Fast – Thomas DeLauer

We have discussed in more detail how important Ascorbic Acid is perfect for us, but in the event you go When you are fasting? This Will Be Significant!!

Study – Rejuvenation Research

This research was created like a 10-week double-crossover trial, composed of two 3-week treatment periods – IF and when with antioxidant supplementation (ascorbic acid & E)

Throughout the first fasting period, participants ate an organized diet and through the 2nd three week period, they ate that diet as well as consumed Ascorbic Acid and E Vitamin throughout the fasting window

Researchers wanted to pay attention to how fasting affected cells, and never weight reduction, so participants ate 175% of the normal usage of calories on feasting days, and 25% of the normal daily intake on fasting days to avoid weight reduction

Looked to find out if taking antioxidants within the second fasting period would block the disposable radicals brought on by the fasting, stopping cells from increasingly resilient

Quite simply, they desired to determine if Ascorbic Acid and E would shelter cells


Particularly, there is a couple.7% rise in SIRT3 expression because of the IF diet, but no alternation in expression of other genes or oxidative stress markers examined – when participants required daily dental supplements of Ascorbic Acid and E, the advantages from fasting disappeared

In ends up that some degree of ROS production is needed for that normal regulating autophagy too

A group of researchers in the College of Cambridge explored the connection between autophagy and also the production or reactive oxidative species

They discovered that you’ll be able to induce autophagy without growing toxic ROS, however, many antioxidants do reduce autophagy

However, they checked out N-acetyl-cysteine (NAC), cystamine (within the pipeline like a potential HD treatment), and glutathione

The 3 impaired the induction of autophagy by trehalose, as did e vitamin

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