These are the 4 Worst Things You Can do For Your Gut Health

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High concentrations of sugar are harmful for the gut for many reasons. Research printed in Microbiology signifies that elevated power of sugar-derived molecules can lead to some formation of biofilms. Biofilms result in the microbial colony more resistant for the outer atmosphere. Biofilm formation was implicated in antibiotic resistance or colorectal cancer because some biofilm formatting strains can secrete oncotoxins. Further, a considerable proportion of ulcerative colitis cases is associated with the existence of biofilms within the gut.

With regards to colitis, research printed anyway Scientific Reports reported that diet full of sugars decreases microbial diversity and concentrations of short-chain essential fatty acids (SCFAs) within the lumen. SCFAs really are a preferred fuel for cells from the intestinal wall and they’re required for a proper purpose of the gut for a lot of reasons.

Sugar Substitutes

Research printed anyway examined the result of sweeteners around the microbiome and confirmed that ingestion of sugar substitutes induces glucose intolerance. Remarkably, it had been discovered that this intolerance is mediated through the change of microbiome. Following the administration of antibiotics to rodents that have been given with sugar substitutes, the glucose intolerance is reversed. The causality is further based on microbiome transplantation. Germ-free rodents transplanted with microbiome from rodents given with sweeteners develop glucose intolerance. These studies provide unique proof of the way the microbiome directly affects our overall health.

Other study printed in Molecules even reports that some sugar substitutes, especially saccharin, are toxic towards the microbiome.


This research discovered that bacteria in rodents given with emulsifiers were 50% nearer to epithelium compared to control rodents. Meaning that they are in a position to penetrate further with the mucous. The decreasing thickness of mucus is extremely harmful. Less mucus also promotes gut inflammation being an immune cell from the gut wall responds to the microbial particles that wouldn’t otherwise cope with the mucous.

Trans-essential fatty acids

Recent research printed within the European Journal of Diet examined the outcome of TFA around the microbiome.

Within the last decade, the extensive research of microbiome begins to provide proof of which microbial species can be viewed as “healthy” and “unhealthy”. This data is dependant on sequencing of lean and healthy individuals and evaluating these samples with obese people. In rodents given with TFA, there is a lower degree of microbial species Lachnospiraceae and Rikenellaceae which take part in prevention against Clostridium species, the most typical cause diarrhoea and colitis. In addition, decreased amounts of Lachnospiraceae are located in colorectal patients. The decrease in the abundance of Rikenellaceae seemed to be reported in nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.


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