Pretzel Yoga — Ashtanga Yoga Challenge Day 21 — Garbha Pindasana

The most important and useful information you should know about starting yoga practice is the fact that, it is an ongoing process and therefore you can practice at your own pace. You also don’t have to practice at a particular spot, as long as your body is comfortable. You should always consult your physician before beginning any new exercise program. A good physician would ask questions like what kind of exercise are you planning to do, what your goals are and what you expect your practice to be like.

As for where to start, if you want to start with a local gym, that’s fine. But if you want to try something different, why not try an outdoor gym. They have lots of space available and since you’ll be in a beautiful location, you’ll be able to practice your poses in full summer sunshine.
The reason why people start at home is because there is no one telling us what to do, and when you practice at home you are in control. When you start at home your body usually knows what to do and will adjust to your practices automatically.
If you want more information on specific techniques or poses, look for books. Books also allow you to try practices in different temperatures, and at different times of the day, and the most important question: what your body needs today, how your body is able to provide it.
By starting with a local gym, you may be able to learn the best spots for you. If you want more advice, you may be able to look for a private trainer. But if you want to have a consistent and good trainer, then you can start with a book. You have to ask your trainer about his training regimen and what his personal goals are as a person.

So once you’ve determined your personal goals, you can make use of local books in the area, and your home gym or a book. And for a consistent and good trainer, you should look to a book. And when you have a good trainer, you can choose to start at home.

The most important thing in starting a new exercise program or a new routine is to find the spot that makes you feel most comfortable. As a person that struggles with obesity, I know that there are times when I’m uncomfortable with what my body wears, it’s simply a matter of finding that spot that’s comfortable and allows me to move my body freely.

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