Official Fast BREAKING Checklist – How to Break a Fast Safely

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Official Fast BREAKING Listing – How you can Break a quick Securely – Thomas DeLauer

Get the paper and pen ready (or go lower inside your notes in your phone, lol) since it is listing time!I am going to provide you with a listing that gives you everything that you’ll require to be able to properly break your fast. This really is relevant to all kinds of diets, together with a non-keto, keto, female-oriented, along with a special cortisol-reducing protocol listing! It’s destined to be fun and hopefully it help making breaking a quick simpler for Everybody! Let us join in and I’ll help you within the COMMENTS!!

Golden Rule: Don’t pair Carbs & Fats


– Lean protein/protein shake

– High GI carb

– Bone broth

– Fructose

– Omega-3s


– Lean protein/shake

– Bone broth

– Low-fat

– Omega-3s

Cortisol-Reducing Protocol

– Cinnamon – functions like insulin excess bloodstream sugar will get in to the cell, lowers cortisol

– Add salt to back away manufacture of aldosterone

– Still break fast with lean protein (less big of the insulin spike)

– Magnesium:

A 2012 report, printed within the Journal of Neuropharmacology, discovered that magnesium deficiency caused a rise in producing cortisol within the brains from the rodents, particularly by activating the paraventricular hypothalamic nucleus, an element of the brain that controls responses to anxiety and stress

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Concluded: Magnesium calms your central nervous system and prevents excessive cortisol by restricting its release and serving as a filter to avoid it from entering the mind

Women Particularly:

– Lean Protein/Protein Shake – lowers bloodstream sugar so cravings are less

– Seaweed (iodine)

– No Gluten (thyroid)

– Avoid dairy

– Bonus: Shellfish

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