I Need to Vent. Current State of my Health (dark circles, etc)

Before I Decide To not Publish this video… it’s time to tell the truth and raw having a couple of things. I’m carrying this out to ensure that I Don’t shut this funnel lower.

I’ve spent my entire existence being judged, and it is solved the problem to develop into things i am today. I’d never change a factor.

However I believe that it’s time that awareness consists of what adopts creating content and as being a personal brand. It’s something which we join whenever we do what we should do, but it isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach.

We’re held to standards which are entirely impossible to uphold. If I’m seen having a meal with my loved ones, I’m able to be ridiculed and known as a liar because things i eat doesn’t fall into line and among MY VIDEOS.

I’ve received all sorts of threats to my existence, my loved ones, and daily threats to my character, however it certainly doesn’t stop me from doing things i do…. Since I enjoy doing the work and Yes, it is MY PATH.

I’ve the heart to become vulnerable. To exhibit when something irks me or truly cuts me deep. I actually do this since this is and not the 1800’s where it’s awesome to suck up and become a difficult guy. In my experience, showing transparency may be the complete opposite of weakness.

Hopefully it will help people cope with rough occasions and realize that even individuals that appear so effective around options are human too.

Thomas DeLauer isn’t a machine. I’m

An individual. An individual having a family which i love with past my very own. I am not some A Listing celebrity that will get a fat paycheck along with a security officer.

I’m a self made authority that utilizes their own funds from his previous day jobs to create all of this a real possibility and to help individuals. It frequently bites me within the behind, however when everything comes lower into it, I understand the planet needs this.

So yes, I’ll be tired sometimes. Yes, I may be like I simply automobile up from underneath a pontoon boat in lake Havasu sometimes. Yes, I’ll even become ill sometimes. It doesn’t mean I’m unhealthy. Contrary, this means the alternative. This means you’re visiting a REAL Thomas DeLauer. Not some fabricated, polished, hair-and-makeup phony.

So much like me in my wrinkles, my under eye circles, my sometimes dehydrated face or otherwise, but hang in there for that content, because that’s what I’m here to provide.

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I have to Vent! Current Condition of my Health (under eye circles, etc)

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