How to Do a Keto Diet: The Complete Guide

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This video will function as a complete help guide to individuals attempting to start a keto diet, or are searching for any refresher regarding how to correctly perform a keto diet!

Everything that’ll be covered in this particular video (time stamps):

5:15 – Exactly what is a keto diet + the advantages of a keto diet

6:26 – What keto isn’t debunking keto fallacies (ketoacidosis, paleo, all protein, etc.) keto & muscle sparing keto sustainability (metabolism) keto & therapeutics (brain)

9:45 – What’s fat adaptation (ketones versus glucose)

12:07 – How you can prepare to start a keto diet

15:03 – Caffeine on keto

16:19 – Steps

18:13 – “Keto flu” described + electrolytes

20:27 – How you can workout on keto

24:00 – Keto & cholesterol

26:07 – Internet carbs & fiber (soluble versus insoluble)

27:30 – Keto coffee

29:10 – How you can measure your ketone levels

30:22 – Sweeteners on keto

32:21 – Meal timing

33:19 – Best vegetables on keto

34:01 – Consuming on keto

35:19 – BCAAs & Whey protein on Keto

36:26 – Fruit on keto

37:43 – Best & Worst Fats

40:54 – Will an excessive amount of protein kick you out of trouble of keto?

42:35 – Supplements to consider & tips & methods to boost keto

Enjoy, and I’ll help you within the comments!


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