Eat These 6 Foods HIGH in Magnesium (You Probably Need it)

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Eat These 6 Foods Full of Magnesium (You Most likely Require it) – Thomas DeLauer

400mg of Magnesium may be the suggested daily dose an individual must have. The issue with this is, on the reduced carb diet, that may get pressed out and you may be passing up on the nutrients thats need. So, just how much magnesium should you eat daily on the reduced carb diet? I’ll answer And provide you with some foods thats magnesium wealthy!! Let us dive in to the science and i’ll help you within the comments!

Magnesium, Background

Suggested dose: RDA is ~400 mg/day, but 600 mg/day is much better.

Ideally, you receive your magnesium from whole-foods (more below).


One avocado has about 70 mg of magnesium. This might not seem just like a lot, as it’s no more than 20% of the RDA (and also you won’t eat five avocados each day), however it still constitutes a fair contribution for your magnesium intake. Since avocados are otherwise ridiculously healthy (and thus versatile), they’re certainly a magnesium food to include to your diet. Find out more here:

Leafy Vegetables

That one isn’t particularly interesting or creative, but it’s important. All leafy vegetables, like green spinach and kale, are full of magnesium. Why? Because magnesium is a vital atom in chlorophyll, the pigment that performs photosynthesis and provides plants their eco-friendly color! Essentially, more dark eco-friendly = more chlorophyll = more magnesium.

2.5 glasses of cooked green spinach contains 100% of tour RDA of magnesium.


You might not have come across this organism, however the chlorella algae contains more chlorophyll than every other known plant species (contributing to 10-occasions just as much chlorophyll because the spirulina, if you are to your algae)!

Tuna & some fatty fish

3.5 oz/ 100 g can of tuna contains 65 mg of magnesium, which isn’t harmful to a pet protein source. Which means one 6 oz tuna steak fulfills one-quarter of the RDA.

Some fatty fish, including spanish mackerel and salmon, will also be wealthy in magnesium. These food types, being lower around the food chain, also contain less mercury.

Pumpkin seeds & flaxseeds

Just one 1 oz serving of pumpkin seeds or flaxseeds contain 140 – 160 mg (more than one-third RDA) of magnesium… need I only say more?


65 mg per 1 oz but who eats just 1 oz of chocolates?!?

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