Do You Store Carbs as Fat on Keto?

The keto diet is all the rage around the world. However, there are a few mistakes folks, even those that are experienced in keto, are making all the time. The following are 6 major ones and are not related to the diet per se but are instead problems they have had or are experiencing with it.

1) Eating all their meals cold.  There are a few things to avoid when eating your meals cold.

1) Do not eat lunch and dinner completely cold. This is a big no no if you are keto. There is no point in eating meals completely cold. Your body does not have the capability to burn up your fat stores and produce energy from them when it is completely inactive.
2) Do not eat all your meals in low fat. It is better to eat in low fat and slightly salted so that your body has the room to use up your fat stores when needed. If you eat a meal completely cold, your body will start conserving your body fat.
3) Eat out all your meals at least twice a week. Do not eat out as much as you used to.

Each of the three problems above is important and needs to be avoided if you want to avoid the dreaded keto flu.

2) Do not keep their keto meals in the freezer. Again, there is no point in keeping your keto meals in the freezer. This is because your body does not have the room needed for these meals.

3) Do not keep their keto meals in a cupboard. Again, you should keep your keto meals in a cupboard. Just keep it out of sight. It will get neglected and your body will start to get used to the food and will stop converting your stored fat into energy.

4) Eat all their keto meals in the same meal at the same time. Avoid trying to keep your keto meals in separate containers. This will just confuse your body.

5) Keep your keto meals in the same location in your cupboard. I suggest keeping them in the same container. The reason is that your body will not be used to this and will start to ignore what you are putting in it. Keep them in the same place so that you know what is what and will help your body to get used to its new diet. This is crucial in order for your body to not get confused and do things incorrectly.

6) If you are keeping your keto meals in a plastic bag, place it in the freezer. When you are eating them, it will freeze in your stomach and will be there when you want it. The next time you are craving a keto meal, you can just pop it in your mouth and it will be there. Just make sure that it is a cold one and not a hot one. If it is a cold one, you will have to heat it up and possibly burn yourself. This is a sure fire way of losing weight.

These are the 6 tips that are sure fire ways of losing weight. Don’t give up hope and start implementing them immediately. You will see the difference within the very first day.

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