Calories You Burn During Fasting are MORE From FAT than Anything Else! Fun Study Outlines the Truth

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I recieve it, many people prefer to poke holes in things. I actually do exactly the same. With regards to FASTING, people prefer to say you aren’t losing fat, but merely eating less. So let us check out that one study particularly…

Study – Weight problems:


Eleven adults with overweight practiced both early time‐restricted feeding (eTRF) (eating from 8 am to two pm ) along with a control schedule (eating from 8 am to eight pm ) for 4 days each.

Around the 4th day, 24‐hour energy expenditure and substrate oxidation were measured by whole‐room indirect calorimetry, along with appetite and metabolic hormones.

eTRF didn’t affect 24‐hour energy expenditure. Regardless of the longer daily fast (intermittent fasting), eTRF decreased mean ghrelin levels by 32 ± 10 pg/mL, made hunger more even‐keeled, and tended to improve fullness and reduce the appetite.

eTRF also elevated metabolic versatility and decreased the 24‐hour nonprotein respiratory system quotient

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