Arm Balance Technique — Ashtanga Yoga Challenge — Day 19 Bujapidasana

I have a thought about yoga and sweat.  There is a misconception that there are two types of hot yoga, one is the type with a lot of sweating and the other is the type with the least amount of sweating. This is definitely not the case. Both kinds of hot yoga lead to similar benefits. The only difference is whether you want to drink a lot of water, or eat a lot of food.

If you are looking to look straight into the stars, this is the type of hot yoga you should go for. There are five different stages of hot yoga. You go from zero to full, within three minutes and 30 seconds. This is unlike other types of hot yoga, where you go from 0 to 60 in 20 minutes. This is the type of hot yoga where you keep your body warm, but it is more of a workout in hot. You should also drink lots of water throughout the day.

Here is a question to think about: What would happen if we did this without wearing any clothes? Let’s speculate even further. What would happen if we did this with our eyes closed? It was only a thought experiment. Yet, the question holds any real significance. Would there be any appearance-related issues? How about when our clothes came off? Would the same things happen?

No, these would not happen. It is because in doing this, our clothes are on. Therefore, with clothes off, our body parts are exposed. With the mind closed, there is a bit of an issue when our clothes come off, but not so much with the mind not being open. After all, it is only a thought experiment.

The truth is, it all depends on what we are wearing. For example, I went to a yoga club in Toronto that had no rules, and there was not even any cover provided, as long as you wanted to buy a ticket. My guess is that there were other clubs where you had to buy a ticket, and then cover would have been provided. The point being: It does not matter what you wear, as long as you have a ticket. After all, there is no rule about clothes coming off.

Therefore, you can wear jeans and a T-shirt, shoes, and a scarf, sunglasses, a hat, anything you want. Just make sure you have a ticket to this hot yoga session. I would recommend a pair of sweat pants and a tee shirt.

I can confirm that the thought experiment indeed does happen. You just have to push your clothes down slightly, and then all of your body parts come to the front. My bet is that you will not get a headache. My guess is that you will catch a cold. After all, the thought experiment did not state what I wore, but I suspect you can get a cold from hot yoga. That is my opinion.

If you are wearing the appropriate attire, you will experience no discomfort, no colds, no flu, and no bad reactions, and maybe all of the above. The question is why? Why do we wear clothing that is so tight?

As I said earlier, what you wear does not matter, but what you wear should be good for you. And my guess is that you can get a cold, sore, headache, or all of the above, wearing the inappropriate attire.

You should wear your proper attire to experience nothing but good. If you are experiencing no discomfort, you are enjoying yourself, and you are happy, you are enjoying yourself, and you are on the correct path, your thoughts are now free, and your clothing is no longer a problem. Then you can practice in your underwear, without a mat, without a towel, and in the nude. You will be free to practice in the nude, but you should make sure that you have your own towel, mat, and a pair of clean socks. This is your personal retreat. Take responsibility for the things you put on your body. If you are going to start practicing at all, I suggest you do the research first. There are many great places for hot yoga, and you will be able to learn about them, and evaluate them, and make a decision, and feel good about yourself for making the decision to take control of your body, your thoughts, and your energy, for your own private retreat.

If you are already a practicing hot yoga teacher and are starting a new class, I suggest that you talk to your students about different modes of practice. Make sure that you talk to your students about different modes of practice, and what they can expect. Talk about what your students should expect to receive from your practice. The goal is to help them improve, and to be able to do the poses, and the breathing, and the meditation, and the self-reflection, and the meditation, and the contemplation, and the meditation. And to put it all together for a more clear and peaceful mind. This is what you are training your students to do.

Lastly, I would like to leave you with a quote. This is from a very good book about hot yoga, by a very good author. This is from page 153. Quote:

“…A good teacher makes a student feel great about his or her practice. This is a profound experience. Many people go through life feeling guilty about their practice. They feel they are not capable of it. They wonder why they are getting so good. Great? Really? When a person is feeling great about his or her practice, he or she is capable of anything. In this case, all of the feeling great thing is just a prelude to a much bigger feeling great. A feeling great is the feeling one has about his or her practice.

Greatness is an emotion and a feeling. And there is no doubt about it, that if you want to get to the supreme level, you have to develop the real thing.

A great body is a great feeling. It’s a great experience. And it can take a person to the top of the world.”

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