Alternate Day Fasting During Quarantine – Weight Loss Challenge Q&A

Connect to Diet Plan Video for Challenge:

Obtain The Fat Snax Bundle at:

Also Please download the ZERO Application around the Application Store for Monday Community Fasts during this period!

If you are looking at Magnesium, I suggest Jigsaw Magnesium:

MagSRT® (Time-release Magnesium Malate, use with breakfast) – https://world wide

MagSoothe™ (Magnesium Glycinate, use at bed time) –

https://world wide

Turmeric which i recommend:

My Own Recommendation for Ascorbic Acid:

Vitamin D + K2 which i Recommend:

Let’s all start fasting on Mondays while we’re in isolation to ensure that are going to this like a community!

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