5 Keto Lunch Ideas that AREN’T Burgers

5 Keto Lunch Ideas that are not burgers. There are so many options you can choose from that go beyond the traditional burger or pieces of meat. A lunch may consist of a salad, some type of vegetable burger, a chicken or fish burger or even a tuna fish burger. You can also add a low-fat cheese, sour cream, lettuce, tomato, and a small piece of avocado for a delicious and calorie-free lunch. Some of these meals are low in fat and contain several grams of protein, carbohydrates, and fiber.

It’s not an easy task trying to find healthy lunch options to maintain your weight. There are many foods to choose from but you can easily modify a hamburger or meatball sandwich or pizza to include one of these tasty vegetarian lunch ideas. What you choose from these meals is completely up to you. Some may not eat them and you are left eating hamburger meatballs or pizza. Other may eat them and be satisfied.

Here are five vegetarian lunch ideas that will satisfy.

1. Vegetarian Lunch Box

One of the simplest lunch box ideas is to take a loaf of bread, one tomato, a small portion of lettuce, and a slice of cheese. Wrap the lunch box in aluminum foil and place it in the bottom of a large plastic storage container. Next take a large plastic bag and add a few tablespoons of mayonnaise. Select a protein shake, peanut butter sandwich, or some granola. Tie the plastic bag closed and add to the lunch box.

The lunch box can come in a variety of flavors. For instance, chocolate mayonnaise, strawberry jam, or apple butter is delicious. You can also add honey mustard dressing, hummus, or avocado mayo to make a complete lunch box.
2. Pizza Lunch Box

This lunch box idea is easy and versatile. You can make it any flavor you want by adding ingredients to the bread. You can add chicken, beef, tuna, or some vegetables. One the pizza is prepared you will then add cheese. You may add cheese and tomato on a toasted crust. Another pizza lunch box idea is to use a pizza box to make a sandwich. Then add tomato on the toasted crust and add lettuce and sliced cheese. One more lunch box idea is to add diced tomato and onion to a toasted whole wheat bread. Fold the bread over the pizza box and then place the pizza in the box.

3. Soy Milk Lunch Box

This lunch box idea is delicious and simple. You just need a soy milk and a slice of bread. The bread can be a slice of bread. A few layers of lettuce and a small portion of tomato and a squeeze of lemon can make this lunch box. The lunch box can be made with an alternative to bread and lettuce. Simply add a small portion of a meat (chicken, tuna, chicken bacon, tuna etc.) to the milk and add lettuce and tomato. Pour the milk over the sandwich and then add tomato and a squeeze of lemon.

These are 3 of the best lunch box ideas. The other lunch box ideas are also delicious and easy to make. You can make your own lunch box easily by following the above lunch box ideas. Just print and assemble and you are done.

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